Frequent questions

There might be a few things you aren't sure about. Don't worry I can explain everything and my aim is to make you feel relaxed and enjoy your ceremony without anxiety or nerves. If you aren't sure about anything just ask!

Why choose a Celebrant
  • You are free to choose the style, location and format of your ceremony
  • Ceremonies can be religious, non religious, traditional or modern
  • Your ceremony can reflect your beliefs or incorporate a theme, maybe take place at a special place
  • You can include elements or rituals to make your ceremony unique
  • Maybe you have a firm idea of what format your ceremony will take, or I can help you with ideas
Is this a legal marriage
How much does a Celebrant cost
Are you insured
What's the difference between a Celebrant and a Humanist
What happens at our first meeting
What happens after you have made a booking
What happens if I need to cancel or change the date
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