Why choose a Celebrant?

With a Celebrant ceremony you are totally free to create exactly the kind of ceremony you want. You have total control over what will be said, the format of your vows and any other elements you might want to introduce into your ceremony. The ceremony can reflect your own beliefs or interests and take place just about anywhere you like.

A Celebrant cannot legally marry you, this can only be done by a Registrar or other authorised person eg a religious minister. Most couples tend to have a simple ceremony with a Registrar shortly before or after their celebrant ceremony.

I get asked isn't this therefore a more expensive option? Actually it can work out less expensive! If you decide to go to the Registry office on a week day off peak, with just a couple of witnesses and combine this with a celebrant ceremony it will quite often work out less than asking the Registrar to attend the ceremony at a registered venue (eg hotel). Registrar's charge more for attending venues that are not the usual Registry office. You may also find that your preferred location is not registered for a marriage's in any event. This would mean that a legal marriage can not take place there.

The other advantage is that your guests can enjoy the ceremony at your chosen venue rather than having to travel between two locations.

I also provide you with a ceremonial certificate to mark the ceremony. Whilst this isn't the legal ceremony most couples and guests do not actually worry or think about the difference!

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